The Prague Post Endowment Fund

The Best Teacher of English Award


Dear supporters of the Prague Post Endowment Fund, The 6th year of Best Teacher of English Award was postponed due to operational purposes. Thank you for your understanding, your support and stay tuned to our website for more information.


In 2007 the Prague Post Endowment Fund launched the first year of the Best Teacher of English Award to appreciate English teachers in the Czech Republic who by the use of progressive teaching methods motivate students to acquire and actively use the language in globalized world. Every year, we look for the best English teachers from primary and secondary schools to represent all the outstanding teachers in the country. Teachers can be nominated by their students, school deans, their colleagues and students’ parents. A team of the best English teachers will be presented in The Prague Post’s Endowment Fund page and in traditional supplement Schools and Education. Every winner will receive a prize from our partners and a financial bonus. The aim of this project is to highlight the challenging work of language teachers at primary and secondary schools in the whole of the Czech Republic and commend their daily efforts.     


  BTE 2011