The Prague Post Endowment Fund

For Teachers


The Prague Post Endowment Fund’s mission is to improve the level of English language education in the Czech Republic. To achieve this objective, we organize seminars and workshops for teachers.

In 2011, The Prague Post Endowment fund received accreditation from the Ministry of Education to implement workshops for teachers.

In 2010 the Endowment Fund finalized the production of educational programs for elementary and secondary schools. Program Down the Rabbit Hole created for elementary schools focused on developing pupils’ imagination and creativity which was supported by drawings.

Program Newspapers in Education based on the cooperation with The Prague Post focused on issues in teaching English. Program Stone Circle created for secondary school students aimed at environmental education.

These programs served as additional material to students’ curriculum as these topics were not part to standard textbooks.

Production of these materials is now suspended. If you are interested in obtaining a password to access and download these materials for a fee, please contact us at



Looking for new ideas as to how to teach languages? Need to develop your ICT skills? Want to travel abroad?
Language Networks for Excellence are proud to offer In-Service Training courses for teachers of English, Spanish, Italian and Technology.

University of Wolverhampton, UK, offers fully funded courses for teachers.


Download the In-service training brochure 2013-14.





20 (Self-)Critical Things I Will Do to Be a More Equitable Educator by Paul C. Gorski for