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Supporting schools in hospitals for hospitalized children


In 2014 the Endowment Fund Board approved continuation of the financial donation for nursery and primary school in Thomayer  Hospital, where the teachers and nurses care about long-term hospitalized children and their education.

Financial donation is used to cover salaries of specialized teaching staff during months that the state budget does not. Besides supporting teacher salaries, funds also go towards engaging teaching material that make classes more fun.

To find out more about the school and care that long-termed hospitalized children need, read  The Prague Post article Hospitalized children get the hang of school

Every December we donate money for St.Nicolas party and Christmas gifts.


See more about this school and the admirable work of the teachers in Czech TV documentary at starting from minute 8.55.


In addition we would like to express deep grattitude to the Macmillan Education for donating English books for language department in the school.