Team List May 2024

Bangers and Smash

We are 2023's London Softball League's Development squad - a team of new players to the sport learning and playing Softball for fun! We will be entering the London Softball league this year (2024) for the first time.

Bat to the Future

Bat to the Future Part 2, we're a sequel (of sorts) some slackers, buttheads and more than a few livewires.  


With players from all corners of the world, Battitude started out as a development squad in the London Softball League, who've recently achieved promotion following a thrilling 2023 season. 

Burrito Loco

Lucky enough to be sponsored from Prague's best and craziest burritos (main man Glen is a big player in our franchise history and a big fan of the tourney), we are a mix of expats mostly living in Europe with a significant number coming down from Poland. Despite the "loco" in our name, we are deadly serious on the diamond, limiting ourselves to single digit beers per hour and generally looking forward to hearing the best jokes we can over the weekend. Bearing in mind that we "aren't that young any more," we want to have a few more laughs before we die of old age, and maybe get a few hits.  

Fire and Ice

We are a mixed bag of mostly US expats (and a Brit) living abroad in the middle east. We have been playing in the tournament for almost a decade and have brought home first place on 3 occasions. Can't wait to see you all in know the chant...Fire & Ice, Fire & Ice... 

Golden Sombreros

The Golden Sombreros are back again for the 6th year. We are hoping the beer is still cheap, the weather is nice and that we drink enough to forget the results of the actual softball. Looking forward to another great weekend and a possible new softball tattoo for a specific team member.  

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is a mix of players from the London Softball League, from beginners to seasoned veterans. We don't take ourselves too seriously and love coming to Prague every year as a way to warm up with friends, old and new. As our name suggests, we are well stocked with a variety of booze - come join us for a shot anytime!

London Asteroids

On our first trip to Prague last year,
We came back with a win.
We want to play again this year,
ffs let us in!
We're humble and we're friendly,
Joyful and polite.
Remember none of our games
Ended in a fight! 🙄
We'll soak up beer like sponges
Drying up the pitches
We'll make friends with everyone
Then make them our bitches.
We care not if we win or lose
Fun is all we plan.
We just want to play softball
and devour that burger van! 

Mammas and Papas

We're mostly moms and dads of young players from Eagles Prague Baseball and Softball club. Baseball is all about fun for us and the Heavy Hitters tournament allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of our kids and show them that we are not old hat yet. In the time we have been playing this tournament, our children have grown to an age where they can fill in for us on the field when someone gets a little bit "rusty". It is an honor for us to be a part of such a tournament. 


We are one of the longest-lived teams in the London Softball League, formed over 40 years ago. We regularly finish at or near the top of Division 1 and are excited to be entering international tournaments in 2024!


Mouserat - London Softball League Division 1 


Playing in London's London Softball League in Division 4 

Salty Seamen

We're the Seamen! The idea was to start a softball tournament team for our baseball club, but quickly evolved to include our old and new friends from the softball circuit in London. We've only played two all men's tournaments together so far and our lineup in Prague will have some more new faces, but we're confident and always bring good vibes! 

Southern Stomers

The Southern Stormers are a collection of friends who met at University on the south coast of England. As years passed after graduation the stormers missed the days of hungover softball so much that they decided to create the team. We have welcomed non university members into the team with players from the solent softball league and from up North (Making us the not so southern, southern stormers). We are a friendly bunch who love a drink and play softball on the side. Come and say hello to us unless we have already said hello to you ;) 

Sultans of Sling

Some of us are aged and broken down, some of us are youthful and athletic. Sometimes we make the final, sometimes we come crashing down to Earth. We always try to be competitive, but the main goal is to have fun, help a worth charity, meet great new people, see old friends and visit one of the loveliest cities anywhere. 

Táhla A

Táhla B

The Globe

We've been playing in the tournament from 2006- a group of long term expats from all over Eastern Europe and now the world.

The Misfits

We're a group of cheap-beer loving (mostly) expats who live in Prague, our 2nd home.  

The Pigs

Legacy team of mostly ex-Moscow team.

Traveling Chanclas

We are a friendly collective from all leagues in the UK, coming together to play ball, meet new players, and raise money for a great cause!
We might be friendly but beware, we brought our Chanclas !  

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